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Mediterranean Landscapes

Self-Drive Tour

(Arrival in Antalya; Departure from Izmir)


At the foot of lush, fragrant mountains adorned with the rarest Mediterranean flora, explore the ancient Lycian coast from the driver's seat of your rental car. Encounter an endless variety of landscapes illuminated by dazzling light. This journey allows you to discover the historical treasures of the country while enjoying the azure sea, golden sands, and picturesque bays of the Turkish Mediterranean.


Day 1 : Arrival

Arrive in Antalya and transfer to your hotel.


Day 2 : Aspendos and Perge Sites

In the morning, pick up your rental car at the hotel. Head east of Antalya to the ancient site of Perge, boasting impressive ruins and colonnades. Explore the Agora and stadium ruins. Further on, visit the Aspendos Amphitheatre, considered one of the best-preserved in the ancient world, still hosting musical and operatic events. In the evening, experience the Mediterranean atmosphere of Antalya's old town.


Day 3 : Visit to Termessos, Perched Ancient Site

Drive to the off-the-beaten-path ancient site of Termessos, perched high on a mountain with ruins scattered in nature. Climb from columns to tombs to the amphitheater, seemingly suspended in the void. The site, blending bucolic pine forests, ruins, and panoramic views, is worth the visit. Continue towards Cirali on the coast and settle into your bungalow near the beach.


Day 4 and 5 : Cirali and Surroundings

Enjoy two days of relaxation and beach time in Cirali. Explore the Chimera site with eternal flames burning in the mountains or visit the ongoing excavation of the city of Olympos. Take your car to discover the surrounding bays, such as the beautiful Adrasan Bay.


Day 6 : Spectacular Kekova Bay

Kekova Bay, dominated by an Ottoman fortress offering a panoramic view, is full of Lycian tombs. Known for its crystal-clear waters and historical/archaeological richness, Kekova Bay has submerged ruins of the ancient city of Simena, providing a unique spectacle for divers and history enthusiasts. Explore the rocky coves by boat. Continue to the coastal town of Kas.


Day 7 : Kas and Surroundings

Kas is a charming Mediterranean fishing port. Discover the remains of the ancient Lycian city, Antiphellos, such as the theater. Enjoy the rest of the day swimming in turquoise waters.


Day 8 : Fine Sandy Beach of Patara

Head to Fethiye. On the way, visit the lesser-known site of Pinara with numerous Lycian tombs. Later, enjoy the long sandy beach of Patara, one of Turkey's most beautiful, and its ancient site. Overnight in Fethiye.


Day 9 : Fethiye and Surroundings (or a Day in Rhodes)

Explore the surroundings of Fethiye. Discover the "Dead Sea", an inland lagoon with a beautiful sandy beach, and the "ghost" Greek village of Kayakoy. Alternatively, spend the day on the Greek island of Rhodes to see the medieval town, accessible by ferry.


Day 10 : Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle

A few hours' drive inland will take you to one of Turkey's most spectacular sites, Pamukkale, the "Cotton Castle." Nature has created calcified waterfalls formed by deposits of limestone salts. Visit the ancient site of Hierapolis with its basilica, theater, and well-preserved Roman baths.


Day 11 : Aphrodite's City

Drive to Aphrodisias, one of Anatolia's most beautiful ancient sites dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Don't miss the stadium and the splendid small museum. Continue to the small town of Selçuk, near the Ephesus site.


Day 12 : Ephesus, Jewel of the Greco-Roman World

Walk the marble streets of the ancient city of Ephesus, a cultural, religious, and commercial hub in Asia Minor. Explore streets, colonnades, the Library of Celsus, the Augustus Gate, and the Amphitheatre. Visit the downtown area, bearing traces of the Seljuks of Anatolia, rivals of the Byzantines who settled in the region from the 11th to the 14th century. Explore the City Museum exhibiting remnants of the Ephesus ancient site.


Day 13 : Wine Route and Urla Villages

A leisurely day to relax. Located 40 km west of Izmir, Urla is a destination for gourmets. Urla is famous for Urla Karası grapes and its wine route. Taste delicacies paired with local wines in local vineyards and dine in gourmet restaurants. Urla is particularly famous for dishes prepared with roasted herbs and artichokes. Overnight in Izmir.


Day 14 : Departure

Return your rental car at Izmir Airport before boarding your return flight.

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