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1st Day : Arrival in Dogubeyazit

Transfer from your arrival aiport to Dogubeyazit and overnight at a hotel.

2nd Day : Climb to the first base

Transfer by vehicle to arrive in Çevirme Village with the altitude of 2200m in Mount Ararat. At this point, our carriers will handle our equipment to transfer them to the camp area using mules. This is also where our hike will begin. After a comfortable hike of about 5 hours, we’ll arrive at the first camp area at 3200m.


3rd Day : Acclimatation – hike to 2nd camp and back

We’ll begin our hike to the second camp area at 4200m to conduct acclimatation exercises. Even though it’s a much harder stage compared to the previous day, we’ll arrive at the second camp area in about 4 hours. We’ll rest here for one hour and make little walks around the second camp area. And then we’ll start our descent to the first camp area at 3200 meters. We’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest at the camp area before the summit climb, which we’ll reach after a two-hour hike.


4th Day : Climb to the 2nd camp

After breakfast, we’ll start our climb again to the second camp area at 4200 meters. After this climb, we’ll spend the night in the second camp area at 4200 meters. Here we’ll do our equipment check and we’ll have to prepare our bags for the summit climb we’ll start at midnight.


5th Day : Summit Climb

After a night of rest, our summit climb will start with waking up at the time our guide has determined. We will reach the summit in about 6 hours later. After resting half an hour at the summit, we’ll head towards to the second camp area at 4200 meters. After 3 hours, we’ll reach the second camp area where we’ll rest about an hour and start our descent to the first camp area at 3200 meters, where we’ll spend our last night on the mountain.


6th Day : Back to Dogubeyazit

We’ll have breakfast. Later we’ll start our descent to the 2200 meters towards vehicle transfer point. We’ll arrive at this point 3 hours later and then get transferred to our hotel here with our vehicles.


Day 7 : transfer to the airport

**There is an emergency extra day in our program. Weather conditions on the mountain sometimes make the climb impossible. With an extra day, you’ll have a chance to wait in the second camp area to wait for the weather conditions to improve and then try again the next day when the weather gets better. If there are no bad weather conditions, this day will be used after the summit descent to rest at the Base Camp area at 3200 meters.

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