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Greek-Roman antiquites and the Aegean coast at a glance


The Aegean coast is an area that has attracted visitors from around the world since the time of Homer.


Izmir, an important harbour, is where you’ll land if you to fly in to this region. There are many flights to Istanbul and to many European countries.

Close to Izmir is the Cesme Peninsula et its sandy beahces.  But the region is mostly visited for the ruins of Ephesus in which, amongst others, is the temple of Artemis, once one of the seven wonders of the Antique Period.

Other interesting although less visited sites are Didyma, Priene, Milet, Pergamon and Aphrodisias.

For a more contemporary image of Turkey, try Bodrum, Turkey's St Tropez. With its wealth of restaurants on the beach, cafes and nightclubs, it's the ideal spot for if you're looking for a fun vacation fun and sophisticated. Bodrum is a departure point for cruises aboard wooden schooners, built in the area. 


Pamukkale, the cotton castle in Turkish, is an amazing geological curiosity, formed entirely by  warm water coming out of the bowels of the mountain. This natural phenomenon leaves residues of white limestone giving the appearance of a frozen white waterfall. Adjoining the site is the ancient city of Hierapolis, a thermal centre in Roman times.


The town of Selçuk, 3 kms from Ephesus, is home to the Museum of Ephesus, the  House of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St John, built by Justinian in the sixth century.


Sirince, a former Greek village not far off, with beautifully restored houses, specializes in the manufacture of a  local sweet wine.

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