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The « Musts-Sees » of Turkey

(Arrival in Istanbul; Departure from Izmir)


Embark on a journey through Turkey, exploring its most iconic sites. Your itinerary takes you to places steeped in millennia of history and reveals the natural beauty of the country. From the European and Asian shores of Istanbul to the ancient treasures of Ephesus, you will traverse landscapes shaped by both history and the elements.


Day 1 : Arrival

Arrival in Istanbul and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 : Ottomans and Byzantines

With your guide explire Aghia Sophia, the Basilica of the Devine Wisdom,  the Topkapi Palace, dwelling of the Ottoman sultans, as the Blue mosque as well as the obelisks of the Roman Hippodrome and the German Fountain.

Day 3 : Spice Market and the Bosphorus

Accompanied by your guide, immerse yourself in the spicy scents of the Egyptian Bazaar before boarding a ferry on the Bosphorus. Palaces, mosques, and gardens pass by as you cruise to the bridge connecting two continents. Explore the European side and the Beyoğlu district, once Pera, a Christian enclave turned modern city center, reminiscent of 19th-century Paris.

Day 4 : Istanbul >> Cappadocia

Fly to Cappadocia (flight not included), a unique geological region in central Turkey. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 5 : Rock Churches and Fairy chimney valleys

With your guide, you’ll explore the Open-Air Museum of Göreme, a monastic complex with rock churches featuring well-preserved murals that will help you better understand the life of Byzantine monks at the time.

Next is the Pasabag Valley with its fairy chimneys with multiple hats, one of the places where you can best understand the extraordinary geological phenomenon of the region and also see hermit dwellings.

Explore the Zelve Open-Air Museum, a cave village abandoned only in the 1950s.


Day 6 : Off to Izmir

Depending on the flight time, transfer to the airport and fly to Izmir on the Aegean shores. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel .


Day 7 : Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle

Pick up a rental car at 9 am from your hotel and head to one of Turkey's most spectacular sites. Pamukkale, meaning "Cotton Castle" in Turkish, showcases terraces of travertine formed by cascading mountain water. If weather permits, enjoy the warm waters of Cleopatra's Pool. Explore the basilica and theater of the adjacent ancient thermal city of Hierapolis, especially enchanting at sunset.

Day 8 : Ephesus, Jewel of the Greco-Roman World

A 2.5-hour drive takes you to Ephesus. Walk the marble streets of this ancient city, a cultural, religious, and commercial hub in Asia Minor. Wander freely through streets, marvel at the Library of Celsus, pass through the Augustus Gate to the Amphitheatre, and explore the Terrace Houses.

Day 9 : Departure

Drive to Izmir Airport, return the car, and board your international return flight.

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