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Mesapotamia and Eastern Turkey at a glance


Welcome to Oriental Turkey.  Eastern Turkey is the cradle of humanity.
Many cultures (Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Armenians  amongst others) have left their mark in this vast area, where flow the Tigris and Euphrates and rises Mount Ararat, landing spot of the Ark of Noah.
Explore Nemrut Dağ which, at 2000m of altitude, dominates the surrounding valleys and offers breathtaking views. At the top of the mountain, colossal statues of kings and gods keep the tumulus of King Antiochus 1 of Commagene  from the 1st century BC.
Further south, admire the amazing city of Urfa, city of Abraham with a bazaar that has not changed for centuries and Harran, a town with its mud brick beehive houses, Mardin,  jewel of Mesopotamia, located off the beaten path, "living city of civilisations, where four or five languages are spoken” and Diyarbakir where many buildings are constructed of black basalt and has the second largest wall in the world.
Enjoy the splendor of Lake Van and the island of Akdamar and the Church of the Holy Cross, one of the jewels of Armenian architecture, recently restored.
Further north, on the way to Mount Ararat, discover ruins dating back to Urartian (thirteenth century BC. JC) and the Ishak Pasa Palace, an architectural gem from the late seventeenth century that dominates the city and the great plain of Dogubayazit.


Further north again,  Ani, close to Kars, was once the glorious capital of Armenia , early second millennium.

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