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Cappadocia is without any doubt the region of Turkey that will charm and surprise you the most, at only a one hour flight to Istanbul.


More than a dozen civilizations succededed each other in this area and the region was an important center of Christianity between the IX and XIIIth century. Nobody knows precisely who the original inhabitants of Cappadocia were or who dug the first cave shelters. We do know however that Cappadocia was a refuge for early Christians in the footsteps of St Paul and that they established some of their first colonies there.

The surrealistic rock formations formed by nature are only part of the beauty of this region.Monasteries, churches, cave dwellings and underground cities are a tribute to human ingenuity. Simple holes may hide simple pigeon homes, or surprisingly conceal sublime frescoed chapels.

The soil of Cappadocia is fertile and the fairy chimney valleys are covered with fruit trees. A glimpse of what the Garden of Eden could be like...



You should stay a minimum of 3 days that will give you time to visit the main sites and walk down the amazing fairy chimney valleys, best seen on foot, or simply to enjoy the villages and their very hospitable inhabitants. You might like to stay in a cave hotel, a peculiarity of the region or in a beautifully restored Anatolian house.

Very popular with travelers, a hot air balloon flight at sunrise is an unforgettable and a unique experience and the be

st way to admire the moonlike landscapes.


Whichever way you explore Cappadocia, it will without a doubt be the highlight of your trip.

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