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ISTANBUL, at a glance


Many imagine Istanbul as an oriental, exotic and even a bit dangerous city. Yet, Istanbul is much more European than one might think and endlessly surprises visitors with its warm hospitality.


Istanbul is truly marvelous. 3 major empires ruled this city and its strategic position, between Europe and Asia, as well as its opening onto the Black Sea, makes it an exceptional place to visit. It’s the only place in the world where you can change continents in 10 minutes.


The elegance of the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia, the opulence Dolmabahce Palace and the intrigues of the harem of Topkapi, the haunting call to prayer that punctuates the days, hundreds of minarets that rise to heaven, here, all has the power to draw you into another time, another space.

Istanbul is also a very modern city at the forefront of innovation and technology. It’s a cosmopolitan city, joyful and all that enjoys having fun and celebrating.


Our advice


If, possible, you should spend at least three days in Istanbul to get a quick idea of what the town is like.


One day in the historical quarter, Sultanahmet, to explore Aya Sofya, the Topkapi Palace and generally speaking, the heritage of ByzantineConstantinople and Istanbul.


You can spend the second day exploring the Bosphorus, the pulse of the city where fishing boats and super-tankers share its narrow straits. A ferry ride or a tour will take you to the coast of the Black Sea and will be an opportunity for a good fish lunch.


Then one day in the neighbourhood of the Golden Horn and that of  Beyoglu Taksim, formerly the Christian part of Istanbul and now the real city center. The main pedestrian street, Istiklal Avenue, is over 2 km long, and incredibly lively, lined with excellent restaurants, pastry shops, bars and discos. Strolling down this avenue will give you a good idea of what cosmopolitan means.


This mega city is constantly changing and we are always in search of the latest events and venues to you can find the best places, best restaurants and local events for your enjoyment.

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